We are experts at measuring customer experience! Our unique customer surveys and mystery shopping services help our client to improve the customer experience and their sales performance.Businesses use the information you gather to evaluate their performance and highlight areas for improvement. By acting on the information you provide, our clients can gain an advantage over their competition.We are seeking individuals with keen eyes who are extremely conscientious and responsible in honoring their commitments.

1.You will visit ANY designated store assigned to you by our assignment team which is where you will be evaluating the customer service acting like a regular customer but unknown to the staff of the store that you are a customer service evaluator.

2. Your first task package will be delivered in your mailbox which will contain an INSTRUCTION LETTER and CHECK PAYMENT. The check will consist of your agreed salary which is Two Hundred Dollars Only and the rest balance is what will expended at the store you have been sent to evaluate.

3.Your task will be made known to you on the day you will be carrying out the evaluation process which usually does not take more than twenty minutes of your time and what to look out for will also be made known to you as well.

4. At the end of your task, you will be required to send a report back to us which will be used by our clients to understand where to improve the customer service lapses.

5.Kindly note that this is a very flexible part time opportunity which does not affect your current employment.

1.Ability to Remain Anonymous.

2.Reliability : all shoppers to be reliable and self-disciplined. Assignments must be completed within the specified period.

3.Objectivity, Honesty and Professionalism


If you are interested and willing to join our team of customer service evaluators, kindly click on the application form below and only accurate information should be provided by interested applicants.The application form should be filled just ONCE.

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